Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Perfect Life

According to the Aftenposten article "Du er ikke det du deler" we want to create a perfect image of ourselves online. We all want to be presented as successful, hence we have a tendency to mainly share information that strengthen that image. Having read the news article mentioned above I wrote about "Image is everything. Truth is nothing." and "Mr Perfect" in the post Sunday. Hopefully people did understand I was ironic, but you never know.

I have to say that I only to some extend agree with that we want to create and share a idealised image of ourselves. First of all I do not see the point of sharing everything with everyone. Every grown up should know there is a lot more to a person next to what the person says, writes or does in public. We all have our things, and there is no point sharing it all with the world. And secondly, it's typically Norwegian being disliked for bragging. I'm very proud of some of my achievements, even though you can always find someone that has done something heaps more impressive. If I want to brag about these achievements I do. And I think it's OK that other people brag about what they have managed as well. We should be able to brag without being excused for not being "the person you share".

I've gone a few rounds thinking of how personal I want to be online. I'm not sure where to draw that line, but I think I'll become more personal. I'm in the process of writing a book. In that book I'm extremely privy. If that ever becomes public, something I yet not know, I might open up a bit more here as well. And I might start in this very post.

Back in 2009 I had a pretty good life. I more or less had everything I wanted. I had a nice apartment, with a garage, a nice car, practically no mortgage, a job that paid very well, good friends and a sporty life style. I was fit and healthy and from the outside I could look like Mr Perfect for some. However I missed one thing, and that was someone to share my life with. But almost as a lightning from a clear blue sky I met my dream girl, we got married and everything was sorted. By the end of 2009 I had it all.

But as in every good story life is not static. Things changes. The sun settles and the dark rises. Little did I know that I was about to experience the worst period of my life as a direct result of marrying this girl. And it is this story I'm writing a book about. Hence I will not reveal much here, except for it got very ugly. I did learn that people I thought I knew I didn't know at all. I did learn that there is a lot of evil out there. And I did learn that being alone, on the other side of the world, can be tough. But having learnt these lessons I did grow and the knowledge can be used in constructive ways. Like producing a book that might be interesting for other than myself.

So where I am now? I'm doing pretty well, here where I sit all alone in my grandmother's apartment writing this post, surrounded by all my things packed in boxes. Not that I have that many things any more. As a result of what I went through I got rid of most of my items. And a lot was lost, and some got stolen. But most things can be replaces. I will have to wait replacing though, since I currently don't have that much money for replacing stuff. Money-wise the short marriage was a very expensive experience. From having had a very comfortable lifestyle in 2009 it's a bit tighter at the moment. But it's not that bad. Seriously, I do actually manage very well. I just had to start from scratch, once more. And things are just things, they're not what makes me happy.

Overall, life is good. And that is worth bragging about!

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