Sunday, 18 March 2012

One week in running

Every time I do run past this place I can't avoid smiling. From my Sunday trip last week. Guess where.

Monday : 13.33 km (intervals w/SK Vidar)

In "The Tunnel of Sweat"...

... we start sweating at 5:30 pm every Monday and Thursday

Due to being sick I only got 28.31 km last week, so this was my first proper session in one week. I ran far from fast but I was satisfied completing the interval session in "The Tunnel of Sweat" with SK Vidar. My right calf was a bit problematic, as it has been for a while.

Tuesday : 5 km (slow)

The warmest day in March, in Oslo, ever.

A beautiful summer day with the warmest March temperatures ever measured in Norway. I left work early and chilled out in the sun for three hours. Wonderful being able to sleep outside in the sun this early in the year.

ref : twitter

Ran 5 km on the treadmill followed by strength training. Later that night I dropped by a local restaurant and had dinner. While eating I realised the employees there being a tad unhygienic. Guess I won't visit that place again.

Picking your toes and nose in between serving feed and without washing your hands; Mattilsynet, hello!

I just had to...

Wednesday : 3 km (slow)

This became the big procrastinating and muscle-up day. My plan was to run 10 km, but since I wasted more than 3 hours before I got onto the treadmill I got too hungry and only managed 3 km.

Thursday : 14.17 km (intervals w/SK Vidar)
After far too little sleep the previous two nights I was very tired. I considered skipping training but forced my self not to. Ran from home till Bislett as warm-up, an extra 5 km. Felt OK. Then when I started doing intervals in the Tunnel of Sweat I felt this was my day. I manage to run faster than in a very long time, and it felt good. I don't have that many days where I feel I manage to run without getting all puffed out. I left the stadium with a huge grin on my face and started on my way home. Towards me came a pretty "Oslo babe". She looked at me, for long, and I at her. "In da zone" I though and continue running while smiling. A few more meters up the road I met another pretty girl. I got eye contact with her as well, and then the third babe in a row came and same thing happened. They all looked at me, for long. They gave me "the look". I was really on the go. "Yay", I told myself, "wonderful day this one". I continued on my way home. Then I met a guy. He as well stared at me. That was when I realised the girls did not look at me because they liked my look. They looked at me because I had spit all over my cheeks. I quickly wiped my face. To the next girl I met I once again was air, she did look straight through me.

Grünerbrua to the rescue.

Suddenly I got severe stomach pain. I had to stop running as it was really painful. I waited for a minute and tried running again. I only came about 500 meters before I once more had to stop. The pain got worse and it was as if my entire stomach was about to explode. I tried to "open up", but quickly realised that there was a lot more than air that would escape my body if I did released the pressure. "T minus 1 minut". I had to find somewhere private very soon. "T minus 45 seconds". I quickly scanned the area. Being in the city there are a few limitations when it comes to hiding away. Luckily I was close to a bridge. I looked down and saw I could manage to get under the bridge and hide away if I climbed a fence. But as soon as I started walking towards it I understood that was no option. I would not manage to keep the pressure while climbing. "T minus 30 seconds". As fast as I could I walked off the road in stead, and found my way to a parking lot where I continued towards the edge of the river. "T minus 10 seconds". In a haste I looked around and realised this spot had to do. "8 .. 7 .. 6". I pulled down my pants pronto and crouched. "4 .. 3 .." I conceived that I only sat about 10 meters from the bridge and everyone walking across it would see me quite clear if they did turn their heads. I just hoped that they would not do that. "2 .. 1 .. KABOOOOOOOM!!!" My guts exploded and created a loud sound while loads of shit came flying out. The two guys at the bridge quickly turned their heads. I looked down hoping they would continue and forget all about me. Continue they did, but forgetting, I don't think so. I won't go more in details but there was a lot of liquid yuckiness. You do get the idea. After my guts were empty I understood that there was nothing around I could use to wipe myself. I thought of using my beanie or gloves but that would be too grouse. I had to closed my eyes, think of something else, and pull my pants back up. Walking the next 4 km home was no fun. I tried moving as careful as possible. As I had planned to run back home I had no dry tee either, and with only three degrees outside I got quite cold. Anyway, I got home. Carefully undressed and threw my pants in the washing machine. Finally being in the hot shower I could relaxed. I looked down and saw the water turning light brown as it ran down my body. "In da zone, not completely."

Friday : 0.0 km
Friday I spent at Olympiatoppen doing strength training. No running.

Saturday : 22.63 km (slow)
Another weekend where Mr Ringom arranged a long run. Last time I ran 30.5 km, but today 22.63 km was all I had time for. A great initiative by Espen these trips. A good crew meets up and eats some kilometres for breakfast. We were 11 runners in total. You can read more about this trip here (in Norwegian). It was a great run with good company, and today I also did learn from Tim never to take any short cuts. By taking short cuts you fool no other than yourself. What matters is gaining km.

11.00 we started from Kaffebrenneriet at Aker Brygge.

Tunnels and runners, there is something magical about it.

Espen "S100" Ringom.

The crew, and since I don't remember all the names I won't mention any.


Bygdø sjøbad.

Espen always asks me to take close-ups, he loves them.

Mr United Bakeries, and to the left Mr GSK not sure what he is checking out though.

The S100, a great friend.

The bridge over Oslo-S, 2.2 km from home.

The total.

Sunday : 3.4 km (slow)
Another beautiful day. Ran one round around Sognsvann before I lied down in the sun for a while. On my way home I dropped by Olympiatoppen and did an hour of core exercise.

Total : 61.54 km

Running more than 60 km is to me quite a lot. Despite some minor "accidents" week 11 2012 was a good one.


  1. helt fantastisk! Både resturanten, drit historien og alt. JEg har også blitt utsatt for et akutt angrep under en intervalltrening i frognerparken. Siste draget gikk rett til "skogs". Heldigvis var det høst og mørkt.

  2. Hehe. Det er så utrolig kjipt når magen slår seg så til de grader vrang og man kun får noen få sekunder på seg til å finne en løsning. Burde begynne å ha med litt papir i lomma når jeg løper også. Man vet aldri... i hvertfall ikke etter enkelte restaurantbesøk.

  3. jeg hadde faktisk med det når jeg løp med løpesekk. Hadde papir oppe i en slik liten skruepose så det nesten ble "vakumpakka". MAn får visstnok kjøpt noe vakumpakkede greier også beregnet på tur som tar veldig veldig liten plass.

    Mage er det verste som finnes. Jeg sliter en del med det selv, spesielt ETTER hardmaraton/maraton. Da kan jeg vær "sjuk" i dager etterpå faktisk. Har også opplevd krise par ganger på halvmaraton og det er også helt grusomt!

  4. Ikke dumt. Tror jeg tar med meg litt papir om jeg blir med på 32km turen om to helger.

    Det er ganske vanlig å slite med magen når man løper har jeg begynt å forstå. Jeg får det om jeg ikke passer meg i matveien før jeg løper hardt. 1.5 liter fruktmilkshake kvelden i forveien av et løp gjør samme nytten som enkelte restaurantbesøk og lakserolje.

  5. Haha, jeg ler og ler og ler og ler! Egentlig burde jeg syns litt synd på deg, men jeg bare ler!

    Og jammen har du ikke noen bilder av en Mossjonist også. :o) (Henrik)

  6. Hehe, det er lov å le! Når jeg satt der med buksa på knærne rett ved Akerselva så tenkte jeg "dette blir i hvertfall en god historie".

    Javel ja, også en Mossjonist var med på lørdagsturen. Ikke værst.

  7. Mossjonistene er overalt. :oP

    Ja, jammen ble det ikke en god historie av det! Men jeg syns nesten mest synd på deg når du måtte gå 4 km hjem. Det er kjipt og kaldt, når man er kledd for å løpe.

  8. Ja det var kjipt, kaldt og noe "ekkelt" da det ikke kun var svette som gjorde meg fuktig. Håper jeg slipper for mange av de opplevelsene der.

    Pst: kanskje vi sees på Fredrikstadløpet. Vurderer selv en halv neste helg, men ser ann vær, føre og humør ((:


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