Friday, 9 March 2012

OK then, no half marathon this weekend

My plan was to do this year's first half marathon on Sunday. About a month ago I got very stressed realising that I was not prepared for the distance. But I took action and the three following weeks I trained well, and started looking forward to CPC Loop Den Haag.

Don't drink and drive.

Tuesday this week my throat started feeling soar, but since I had four sick days in February and seldom get sick, I was not that worried. But unfortunately, I went down, due to some virus (according to the doctor). Yesterday I realised there would be no half marathon for me. And today, still not feeling good (and to all you woman out there, the "men's flu" is a tough one, as Mr Ringom agrees) I cancelled my entire trip to the Netherlands. I'll in stead stay home and search the Net for new challenges later on. I might consider doing a half marathon at Fredrikstad-løpet 25th of March. We'll see.

Anyhow, good luck to everyone that is participating on the weekend!

I went to get some wonder medicine, but ended up with a clear recommendation not to run.

OK, no season's best in Haag.

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