Thursday, 15 March 2012

The muscle-up project

The muscle-up is far from a new exercise. It's a base exercise in gymnastics, and I would assume that most seven-year-old's doing gymnastics manage it. Recently muscle-ups has become very popular at Olympiatoppen where I train. Much due to a very fit man with name Anker. Far from a nobody as he amongst other things was Cathrine Larsåsen's previous pole vaulting coach. Muscle-ups is an exercise that most pole vaulters do a lot and Larsåsen's PB from a few years back was 12. Anker's PB from many years back is 15.

Anyway when I first saw the muscle-up being performed I decided to learn it. I have done my job to advertise this brilliant exercise as well, on twitter, on my blog, on Facebook and of course at Olympiatoppen. At the moment we're a good group of athletes at Olympiatoppen challenging each other. Managing a muscle-up is not as easy as it looks if you have no background in gymnastics or any closely related sports. Climbers might find it easy though. But for Average Joe like me it's not basic. Just try it for yourself. It is some strength but mainly a lot of technique that is required, and as mentioned before I did use time understanding how to do it. My goal is to manage 10 before the end of the year. That is "The muscle-up project" for 2012 (MUP12).

Today I did set a new PB of 6 repetitions (and yeah, it's important to wave with both hands like a manic before you start, this just to get the attention from the rest of the gym).

Then Anker, being 15 years older than me, dropped by and showed me how to do 9. That I call impressive!

If I manage 9 muscle-ups in 15 years I'll be extremely satisfied. I've done this exercise a lot lately and I do have to be careful not injuring my wrists or my shoulders. I do feel slight pain at the moment as the exercise is quite hard on your body when you do it a lot. I have a tendency of "sometimes" do things to the maximum when I first get hooked. That's just me.

Anyway, the race is on!

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