Thursday, 22 March 2012

Living life in the fast lane

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This was my second day of "living life in the fast lane" and on my path to achieving my 400 meter goal, the 400MP. Earlier this month I spoke with a guy at Olympiatoppen about running. I found out that this person was quite a decent short distance runner a few years back. Mr Jean, originally from sunny Caribbean, move to Paris in his youth. There he ran a lot, and he ran fast. His personal best on the 400m is 46.7 (or 46.3?) seconds and on the 800m it's 1:46.6. Those times are solid. I'm not sure when Jean did set his PBs, but I assume it was during the late 60's or early 70's. In the 1960's the world record for the 400m was around 44 seconds, and for the 800m it was around 1:44. Being about two seconds behind the world record on the 800m is good, very good.

Jean is still training frequently. Twice a week he is doing track work. I asked him if I could join, and he welcomed me. Now I have a 400m mentor. Today was our first session together. It was a good one. We warmed up for long, first by running slow, then by doing some running drills. Today's session was 10 x 200m. In the pauses we walked slowly the next 200m to the start line. The goal was trying to get used to the surface. Trying to finding a good rhythm. As I was told to lift my legs a lot more than I'm used to I got tired in a different way. My thighs got worn out. During the last 200m they did feel like jelly. And that was without running that fast. Because times were not important today. That we'll deal with later.

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