Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The 400m project

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I do like setting goals and I do like working towards achieving them. Right now I'm doing the MUP12, and when I started running my main goals were getting below 40 minutes on the 10 km and sub 1:30 on the half marathon. I did reach those goals last year hence I needed a new goal. Since I also do like trying out new sports, but do enjoy running, my new mission is sub 60 seconds on the 400m. That is the 400m project, or the 400MP. I will argue that 400m is a different sport to long distance running. You have to train differently and you have to run differently.

Vegeir, former weight-lifter, now short distance runner.

Today I did my first session on my path to reaching my new goal. I ran 9 x 200 meters, starting every two minutes. There will be a lot more track work to come the next weeks and months. Hopefully I will get my shorts below 60 seconds sometimes this year. It might not sound that fast at all, 60 seconds. And to be honest it's really not that fast either. But I'm getting older and I've never before done any sprint training. And as many do know you don't naturally grow faster with age. But I want to reverse this process. I want to become faster than I've ever before been. Hence I need to do some work. Neither gravity nor age will slow me down!

Split times for the nine 300 meters:
60.9 - 61.6 - 61.7 - 61.6 - 63.5 - 63.2 - 63.6 - 62.9 - 58.2
Which gives an average of 62.7 seconds.

20 very efficient minutes.

Here is a video from my first and so far only time I've tried running a 400 meter, together with Mr Ringom:

If you want to read more about the 400m race above you can check out this link.


  1. Moro, kult prosjekt! Tipper du er i form til en knallbra etappe i HK stafetten i år også da ;-)

  2. Vel, jeg har vært så "utaktisk" at jeg har meldt meg på Varvet. Og dessverre går det av stabelen samme dag som HK-stafetten. Litt i strid med mitt 400MP, men jeg tror det skal bli skikkelig gøy i Göta også.


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