Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today was the day for a long run. Ringom and company took the initiative for arranging a Saturday trip where I decided to join. That was a smart move. The result was me ending up with the longest run this year, and one of my longest runs ever. 30.5 km is a decent distance, especially for a soon to be (?) 400m runner.

Thanks to Christopher we also got a very nice and guided run on surfaces like snow, ice, grass, mud, asphalt, gravel and forest paths. No, I am not ironic, it was a great trip!

Even though my legs and specially my right Achilles do hurt a fair bit at the moment I reckon it was good preparation for CPC Loop Den Haag in one week and one day from now. The best part of being in a group (Espen, Bengt, Christopher, Vemund and Ole Arne and me) when doing a run like this is that it's heaps easier compared to running on your own. The first 10 km I almost forgot I was running.

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Yesterday I invested in a brand new camera. As I spent time on figuring out how to use it, and taking photos while running, the time flew extra fast. Espen, who has got the exact same one did show me a few tricks as well. Like the burst-mode, a nice feature for taking OK running shots while running yourself. The problem though is that you end up with a shit load of shots, so it's time consuming trying to pick the best ones. The direct result of this is me sitting home, on my own, a Saturday night and preparing this post. I do know at least one guy who would say "trist" (Norwegian for sad).

I've had some problems with my right calf since autumn last year. I started feeling it 14 km into the run but luckily it caused no drama. I'm a bit more worried about this during next weekend's race though. The faster I run the more painful it gets. The 30.5 kilometres today went surprisingly well. OK I do admit I got tired from 20 km, and maybe especially from 27 km  and onwards, and yes the 29th kilometre was dragging. However, overall it went very well. That aside, I'm glad I've decided never to do full marathon.

from 29km a week to 74 km my last four weeks

Since 18th of February, where I got really stressed realising how badly prepared I was for the CPC half marathon, I've been running a lot more. I've had two runs on 20+ km and 50 - 70 km a week. Hopefully that will help a lot during the race. I don't think I'm at all in shape for setting a new PB though (4:15 a km), but I might actually start at a 4:20 pace and take it from there. If it's a good day I might be able to do a sub 1:32 race, I'm at least aiming for sub 1:35. But only time will show. If it's not my day it might take a few extra minutes. What's good is that I'm now looking forward to the race. Of all things it's for sure going to be very social. A huge crew from Oslo will participate, both at the race and at the after-run party.

The pictures
Vørterøl for brekkie, a perfect start to a great day

Espen and his S100

Frode and his S100

Espen in the lead at Aker Brygge

Quite a nice day in Oslo. Little resemblance of 2nd of March

Quoting Espen: "Little did we know 10 years ago, that we would end up like this."



Ole Arne and Bengt (loving the camera up his nose)

Christopher, the Guide

A few steep hills didn't stop us from having a great time. We're weird people, I know.

For the most of the time Espen ran like this

Many did wonder what the crap we were doing (it was almost like this)

Espen got really tired 1 miil from home and had to rest

... hence we made a pit stop

... at a kiosk

... some bought wonderful Solo

... others realised that the only right thing do drink on a 30km run is Fat Burner

Men in tights...

The result, 30.50 km in 2 hours and 54 minutes. Insanity for many, a great start on a weekend for a few

Espen checking his watch, realising he got 500 meters extra, 31 km, due to all the photography

Today's most impressive man, Bengt, who ran equally fast and far as us on one leg

... and that was something to celebrate


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