Saturday, 18 February 2012

Not Prepared

Last autumn I was in an OK shape. I had completed five half marathons, set personal records on most distances, and decided to sign up for a CPC Loop Den Haag half marathon in the Netherlands. My plan was to do a lot of running through out the winter and be fast and strong on the 11th of March when the race starts. It was a good plan. My only problem is that I did not follow it. Don't really have any reason why. I just have not been running that much. Now, three weeks before my first race in 2012, I realise the 11th of March might become a painful day. A day where my only goal is to set a season's best, which means just to finish the distance. Yesterday a good runner told me to look at the race as "a run-through", a warm-up for the season that is starting. Good idea. I will do that, enjoy the atmosphere and the after-run, or so called "bankett" (Norwegian). 

The following chart shows the number of kilometres I've been running, per week, since April 2011. It's far too little at the moment for being able to run a fast half marathon.

The next chart shows the elevation gain, per week, since April 2011. The peak in December was due to a one week trip to Madeira where I ran every day. And guess what, that island is not flat. The graph from the last period do lie a bit though, since I've done a few session on the treadmill on 10% increase. However this is not good.

But now it is time for me to go out and gain some kilometres. At least I can do some work the coming three weeks.

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