Monday, 13 February 2012

Linux Mint // tweaks

Linux Mint on the VirtualBox
At work I decided to run Linux Mint 12 using Oracle VM VirtualBox. Here are my experiences from trying to tweak the installation. Tweaks are needed for the system to work the way I like it working. It was a lot harder it should be.

missing mintMenu : solved
The first problem I ran into was that the mintMenu, the wheel with "Menu" written next to it, that normally is to be found in the bottom left corner  was gone. It was no where to be found. The solution was found when I checked some screenshots and realised I had to enable 3D Acceleration in VirtualBox for the mintMenu to show up.

List View : solved
In Linux's "Explorer" I find it most handy listing directories using a so called list view. To fix this open "Places" and for example "Downloads". Chose "Edit" -> "Preferences". Set "Default View" -> "View new folders using: List View".

mintMenu shortcut : not fixed
I need some shortcuts for being able to work on a system. One crucial one for Linux Mint is the shortcut to open the mintMenu, the start menu of the system. On the Linux Mint Forum I read Ctrl + Win should work, which it did not. It was written there that you are supposed to be able to right click "Menu" and chose Preferences as well. However on my system right clicking didn't work either. And under "Keyboard" -> "Shortcuts" no shortcut for the mintMenu where to be found either. I added a post to the Mint Forum but no help was received there either but gave up before a solution was found.

Rectangular screenshot : not fixed
Using "Software Manager" I downloaded "Shutter". With that program you can screenshot a selected area of your desktop. However somehow screenshotting only gave me a black screen. Pretty sure this has something to do with running the OS using VirtualBox.

Remove "Computer" and "home" : gave up
I like to keep my desktop clean. Two symbols comes with Mint by default. I assumed removing these icons would be dead simple. That was not the case. I did some searching on the Net and realised it was actually quite a bit work.

Win 7
Annoyed with these issues, and not having more time to spend on tweaking, I uninstalled Linux Mint and VirtualBox. Windows 7 works pretty well after all. I'll stick to it a bit longer.

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