Friday, 10 February 2012

Hello, World

Hello World
First of all, welcome to my new blog. After having been on for a while I'm moving back to Blogger and am letting Google getting an even firmer grip around my soul. This blog was registered in 2008 and one post made. However it's first now, in 2012, I'm starting to use it.

History Of Blogging
I've been writing on the Internet (or "blogging" as it is now called - for many years. Back in the old days, long before the term "blog" was used, I wrote some posts on my own web page using kCom (a Perl solution I developed). First in 2006 I moved to, to the blog Zuroku ( (which is Japanese and translates to "picture book"). My first post was Zuroku, true to it's name, quickly became a blog where I only published pictures from my phone (

Another blog I had was Giiku ( Giiku is Japanse for geek ( In the beginning Giiku was used for hosting content for my own web page (using kCom::i - next version of my web publishing solution). Example of my oldest posts on Giiku can be found following the link, the very first being For a full overview over all my blogs, check out the link

In september 2009 I swapped to Posterous, where my main blog became Now about two and a half years later, in February 2012, I'm switching back to Blogger where this is my new blog (

2006 - 2009 :
2007 - 2009 :
2009 - 2012 :
2012 - xxxx :

FeedBurner and old posts
My main RSS feed is That was previously "burning" feed from my Posterous blog, while it is now linked to this new blog.


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