Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Monday, 3 October 2016

timelapse tool

i shot a series of timelapse images with my sony a7 as i "built" my tobu drawing. tonight i started the job of finding an appropriate tool for making a timelapse movie out of the images.

almost 6000 images counting 25 gb. size matters!

earlier i have used adobe after effects for such a purpose. with current price model i am no longer a adobe user. i tried using "quik" aka "gopro studio". no luck. my high res image formats were not supported. i searched google. discovered several alternatives, and got convinced that ffmpeg was the tool for me. i was right.

env for envious, or environment. add a path to ffmpeg.

spent a few hours reading the docs, testing, and writing some code. super happy with the choice i made. ffmpeg is feature rich. the possibilities seems endless. and, it is free and open source. now i have generated a movie from the images. to be released in the near future, to a screen near you.

outer strength inner weakness

if you exercise hard,
with the motivation of looking good,
are you building a fortress around a weak inner self?

tense muscles as a protection against insecurity?

what will a strong wall lead to?

what comes first?
the wall?
the insecurity?